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Advisory Committee on Readership in Armenia

The purpose of the committee is to consult Book Platform project in Armenia on the content of the capacity-building and policy activities related to the topic of reading and reading promotion. The committee is expected to adjust the planned project activities to local needs, advise on choice of experts and researchers as well as to assist in ensuring visibility of its results in the country.

In June 2012, at the start of the project, representatives of Armenian stakeholders in the field of reading met to discuss project plans in the area of reading and reading development. Later on, in July 2013, a formal body of experts was formed. Its work is documented by means of meetings memos!

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Born and based in Armenia, Anna Chulyan got her diploma from Yerevan State V. Brusov Linguistic University /YSLU/ with a major in Russian Language, Spanish Language & Literature. After completing her PhD at the RA National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Literature, Anna further developed her research interests in the field of Library and Information Resources at the Scientific-Educational Center of RA National Academy of Sciences. Soon upon completion of her MA studies, she was appointed at the University of West London Library. Currently she is Head of the YSLU Library and V. Brusov Science Center. Anna Chulyan's academic interests lie primarily in the fields of information and educational technologies, Russian and Spanish literature as well as culture & literature of Russian Diaspora. Anna Chulyan teaches at the YSLU World Literature and Culture Department and is author of numerous publications.


Seyranuhi Geghamyan is a journalist. For many years she worked at the department of culture of the Abovyan Region of Armenia and for the weekly newspaper "Voice of Motherland" of the Committee for cultural connections with Armenian Diaspora, first heading the cultural department, then as head of Diaspora department. During the first years of independence of Armenia, she worked at the Office of the President of the Republic of Armenia, as a chief specialist. In 1999-2002, she worked at the Board for the publishing and information at the Government of the Republic of Armenia, as a head of publishing and printing art department. Till 2010 she worked at the Publishing Issues Agency of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia as a head of publishing and printing art department. Now Seyranuhi Geghamyan is Head of the Contemporary Art Department of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia. She is the author of 12 books and numerous articles in the sphere of oration and cultural studies.


Dr. Yulia Antonyan is a cultural anthropologist, teaching in the Yerevan State University. She is mostly specialized in anthropology of religion, but conducts research in other fields such as anthropology of elites. Dr. Yulia Antonyan is a national expert on the Compendium project of the European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts), she makes yearly updates to the Armenian version of the Compendium, an analytic overview of national cultural policies. She has been a consultant to a number of joint projects of the Ministry of Culture of RA. She has published more than twenty papers in national and foreign editions.

1. Meeting on July 18, 2013
Issues for discussion:
1. Introduce the results of completed activities on Reading and Readership
2. Discuss the "Promotion of Reading" internship
3. Discuss the "Readership and reading habits" policy study
4. Based on discussion reach an agreement on the process of implementation of activities related follow up step of "Reading and reading habits" study and reading promotion.


Последние известия
Book Platform staff and stakeholders gathered in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia in the end of July 2014 for a week-long final self-evaluation and sustainability session on the project.
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Final Press-Conference of the Book Platform Project
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Press Release: Final Press-Conference of the Book Platform Project
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