The project is governed by Next Page Foundation, assisted by the foundation's Board and a Project Board that oversees implementation and takes decisions on issues which are not covered by the Next Page Foundation's agreement with the principal supporter of the project, the European Commission.

Advisory Committees

In addition to permanent exchange and consultations with key stakeholders in the book sector, each Local Partner organization is setting up local Advisory Committees to consult the project on concrete thematic issues and to provide ideas of its development. Currently, a total of six committees operate: in each of the three countries there is a committee on project activities associated with the topic "reading and reading promotion" and one on "translations and promotion of translations"

For more information about each committee, follow the links below:

Advisory Committees in Armenia:

Advisory Committees in Georgia:

Advisory Committees in Ukraine

About Next Page Foundation

The activities of Next Page Foundation are based on the premise that access to knowledge and information is crucial for people's participation in shaping the societies they live in, and for promoting intercultural understanding. The Foundation thus aims at helping the empowerment of underprivileged groups, languages and countries for an equal participation in the global dialogue of ideas. To achieve its aims, Next Page develops cultural programs and projects in the field of books, reading and translations.From its small office in Sofia (Bulgaria) and in cooperation with organizations and individuals all over the world, the Foundation act as a cultural intermediary between EU and its immediate neighbors in the Southern Mediterranean and in European Neighborhood. Since its establishment in year 2001 the foundation has supported 271 book translations in 20 languages, has conducted 43 publishing- and translation related studies, has co-organized more than 20 events such as trainings, seminars, public discussions, conferences and other projects in its priority areas and regions.

Project Staff
Yana Genova
executive manager
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Yana Genova is director of Next Page Foundation since its inception in 2001. She has developed publishing grants schemes, policy studies and other projects for the Foundation’s work in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and MENA region. She has worked as a consultant for the EC, various cultural organizations, the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria and the City of Sofia.
Anna Portarska
program manager
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Anna Portarska is Book Platform manager at Next Page. She is responsible for the sound and timely implementation of the project as well as for the effective financial management. Before joining Next Page, Anna has been executive director of the Bulgarian Publishers Association, has worked in international educational projects in the Balkans and as project manager and consultant on EU-funded projects.
Diyana Yosifova
communications manager
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Diyana Yosifova is the Book Platform newsletter and web editor. She works at Next Page on other projects of the foundation. Diyana holds an MA in Public Policy from CEU Budapest and a BA in European Studies from the University of Sofia.
Arevik Ashkharoyan
local manager Armenia
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Arevik Ashkharoyan is the Executive Director of Armenian Literature Foundation (ALF) and the founder of 1st Armenian Literary Agency. With an extensive managerial experience within international and public institutions, she has now committed herself to the promotion of Armenian literature abroad and development of book sector in Armenia. As a cultural manager she has also been working for both a state funded and private dance companies. One of her biggest accomplishments is the initiation of the concept and establishment of the Armenian Literature Foundation. Starting with December 2013 ALF has become local partner of Book Platform Project in Armenia, with Arevik appointed as the local manager.
Lianna Aghamyan
local assistant Armenia
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Lianna Aghamyan is the Program Manager of Armenian Literature Foundation and Book Platform project assistant in Armenia. She holds MA in Political Science and International Affairs from the American University in Armenia. Before joining ALF Lianna has been the Communications Officer of the Armenian representative office of an Italian business company.
Salome Maghlakelidze
local manager Georgia
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Salome Maghlakelidze is an executive director at the Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association (GBPA). Before joining the Book Platform and GPBA, she has worked as a copyright manager at a publishing house, as a deputy head of a public school and as an HR manager for an international organization. Salome has an educational background in Editing and Publishing (BA) and Education Management (MA), she is now PhD candidate in Education Sciences. She has also conducted lectures and seminars in Adult Education at Tbilisi State University.
Nino Kiknadze
local assistant Georgia
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Nino Kiknadze works as an Executive Director Assistant at Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association (GPBA) and Book Platform project assistant in Georgia. She holds BA in Fine Arts and continues her MA in Media Management. Before joining GPBA, she worked in several NGOs and different cultural organizations in Georgia and at Center for Jewish Culture and Education in Poland.
Iryna Lepska
local manager Ukraine
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Iryna Lepska is Development and International Relations Director at Publishers Forum-Lviv, has been working for the company since 2010. She has experience in organizing the Lviv International Book Fair & Literature Festival and Lviv International Children Festival (since 2010), Context Festival in 2012, and other literature-related projects. Iryna holds an MA in Psychology and an MA in Management of educational institutions.
Khrystyna Mykhailiuk
local assistant Ukraine
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Khrystyna Mykhailiuk is the Book Platform local assistant in Ukraine. She holds an MA in English Language and Literature. Previously Khrystyna has worked as a translator and a Foreign Students’ Department manager of the company “Lucky Star Travel”. She has gained experience in establishing educational connections with countries of Asia, Africa and the European Union. Khrystyna has also contributed to the organization of poetry readings and intellectual tournaments of Western Ukraine.
Vahan Khachatryan
executive director National Publishers Association of Armenia
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Vahan Khachatryan founded and for the last 10 years managed the National Publishers Association of Armenia. He has managed and implemented various book- and copyright-related and participated at numerous book fairs around the world as the Armenian stand organizer. Editor-in-chief of the Armenian BIP monthly magazine. Has published a number of books about book industry and copyright.
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