Book Platform Newsletter: Issue 15

Կարդացեք տեղեկագիրը հայերեն: 
იხილეთ საინფორმაციო ბიულეტენი ქართულ ენაზე!  
Читайте вісник українською мовою!


Book Platform team is wishing you
a year full of great new books, excellent translations and inspiring authors! 

In this issue of Book Platform Newsletter:
  • New Local Partner in Armenia
  • Book Platform 2014 Highlights
  • Book Platform 2013 in Pictures

 New Local Partner in Armenia

In the beginning of the new year the Book Platform team is happy to welcome a second local partner in Armenia - Armenian Literature Foundation, in addition to the Armenian National Publishers Association. The Foundation was established to ensure the international recognition of and access to Armenian literature, and to contribute to the development of the Armenian book market. It aims at dissemination of information and promotion of Armenian literature locally and internationally, through translation grants, participation at and organization of book fairs, professional development programs, seminars and business meetings.

The project-related activities in Armenia in 2014 will be managed by the new local manager - Arevik Ashkharoyan, and Lianna Aghamyan as the new local assistant.

 Book Platform 2014 Highlights:

21-22 February 2014         April 2014         Internships on Promotion of Reading
Internships on Promotion of Literature in Translation
        More studies coming on Translations from and into Georgian, Translations into Armenian, and Readership in Ukraine
        More presentations, public discussions and policy debates
18-20 February 2014
        May 2014 before Tbilisi BF 2014
        Events and networks participation in the EU and intra-regionally

 Book Platform 2013 in Pictures:

THE BOOK PLATFORM PROJECT assists in developing skills, in building international networks and in creating smart policies for creating an environment for a healthy, sustainable and open book culture in three countries of the EU Neighborhood Policy – Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine. It is a project of Next Page Foundation in cooperation with Armenian Literature Foundation (Armenia), National Publishers Association (Armenia), Georgian Book Publishers Association (Georgia) and Publishers' Forum (Ukraine), supported by Eastern Partnership Culture Programme of the EU.


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Latest News
Straelen is hosting a literary translation seminar for Georgian and German translators
1st Literary Agency and Armenian Literature Foundation at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Georgian Program at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

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