Professional Conversation-Discussion on Reading Habits in Georgia

On 31st May the book store "Book City" in Tbilisi hosted a professional conversation-discussion on reading habits in Georgia, based on the results of the research done in 2012, conducted within the Book Platform project. The discussion was attended by professional researchers, publishers, cultural managers and other stakeholders who gathered to analyze the results of the study and discuss about the recommendations regarding to readership policy in Georgia. The first part of the event comprised a short presentation of the study as a second edition by Salome Maghlakelidze, project local manager in Georgia, and Paata Papava, head of the reading department at Chemonics International, moderator of the professional conversation, who made a short introduction related to the main goals of the study.

In the second part, the participants (representatives of National Parliamentary Library, Publishing house "Logos press", Book store "Book City", online magazine "Liberali", etc.) were very actively involved in the conversation. During the discussion some very important notes were mentioned:
  • Readers' attitude to the books is based on the self-motivation;
  • The links between reading habits and readers' socio-economic status;
  • Bookselling is depended on the price of the book;
  • The lack of interest to e-books in Georgia;
  • The most popular place for reading, etc.
Moderator, Paata Papava expressed his positive opinion towards the survey: "This kind of research is extremely important for the realistic picture of readership in Georgia, especially for creating tools of increasing the popularity of reading campaigns."

During the professional discussion a few useful recommendations were produced:
  • to establish the campaign "book as a present", especially in the regions of Georgia;
  • to maintain the trainings for the book store consultants to increase the quality of service;
  • to promote the reading campaigns for children not only at schools, but outside, for example, parks, open spaces and so on.
It should be mentioned that this kind of platform is the best solution to discuss the current state of the reading habits in Georgia and clarify the challenges for future development in educational and cultural spheres. 



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