Book Platform Interns to Embark on a New Learning Experience

In the forthcoming two months, four book professionals from Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine will get the chance to look into the secrets of the successes of their colleagues in other countries by participating into the daily work of EU-based organizations.   

The Book Platform Internships program will support:

1. Irine Tchogoshvili (Georgia), Project Manager at Program in Support of Georgian Book and Literature at the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia for a 7-day internship at the Dutch Foundation for Literature (TBC) in order to learn more on the preparations for Guest of Honour program at the Frankfurt Book Fair, national stands and cultural programs, working in a conjunction with the private sector, decision-taking procedures & criteria, establishing international partnerships and media & communication activities. 

2. Seda Shekoyan (Armenia), Project Director at the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art and a Columnist at "Hraparak" Daily and Online Newspaper for a 7-day internship at Free Word Center in London (TBC) to look into their activities and approaches towards reading and writing promotion, the secrets of successful public readings, literary discussions, open reading forums, educational seminars and book fairs.

3. Armen Martyrosyan (Armenia), director of Antares Publishing House,
 for a 7-day internship at the German Publishers & Booksellers Association to explore reading promotion campaign directed towards children and youth.

4. Oleskandra Koval (Ukraine), president of Publishers Forum - Lviv for a 7-day internship at the Polish Book Institute and Books from Lithuania to examine in practice perhaps the most successful translations promotion institutions in Eastern Europe, including strategy, internal structure, criteria for decision-taking, organizing international events, etc.  

Book Platform and local partners have invited several pre-selected organizations from Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine to offer proposals for the Internships on Reading Promotion and Promotion of Translations. The applicants above have been selected based on the eligibility of their proposals, on past experiences and on the potential for utilizing their new skills and knowledge into their home organizations. 


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