The Workshop Training Promotion of Literature in Translation will take place on 21-22 February in Yerevan

The international workshop training Promotion of Literature in Translation will take place on 21-22 February 2014 in Yerevan. The aim of the workshop is to explore - together with local book professionals from Armenia and Georgia, the various tools and approaches towards promoting literatures from "small" languages in translation into other languages. The workshop gathers all key actors that play specific role in making a literature visible internationally: authors, translators, publishers, literary agents, public bodies, NGOs, cultural media. In their capacity of recognized practitioners in the field, speakers from Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, the UK and Ukraine will present best practices and solutions for international circulation of literature, and will explore questions such as:
     Which solutions work and which are less productive in promoting literature from lesser-known languages? What are the roles/the constraints of the different players in the book field? What are the best models for public support for translations and how can funding be best utilized?    

The workshop will be preceded by International Editorial Visits, during which a group of international publishers and book professionals will meet their Armenian colleagues in Yerevan to get to know the local market and to explore the cooperation possibilities in terms of translation rights exchange.

The format of the workshop is closer to a conference-type, but also has training elements. The main panels are organized around the key "players" in the field, but the presentations will make connections and point to the interconnectedness of all the players. Each module has one key speaker with a presentation and one to several contributors, followed by Qs/As by the audience or group work.

Working languages: English and Russian (simultaneous interpreting)

By invitation only! For more details, please, contact Book Platform Project Manager in Armenia Arevik Ashkharoyan at arevik@1litagency.am

For more information follow the special section of the workshop on the project website.


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