Open Call: Book Platform Events Participation Grants

Open Call: Book Platform Events Participation Grants

The Book Platform project announces its Events Participation Grants that are designed for a wide range of people working in the book sector: cultural managers, publishers, writers, translators, literary agents, etc. The Grants scheme aims at supporting sustainable international working contacts and exchange of book professionals from Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine with colleagues from the EU countries as well as from the countries of the Eastern Neighborhood. The grants scheme is part of the Book Platform project funded by the European Union in the framework of the EuroEast Culture Programme.

The grants scheme has limited resources and is opened between 21st October 2013 and March 2014 (final reporting date).

BP Events Participation Grants are designed for a wide range of people working in the book sector: cultural managers, publishers, writers, translators, literary agents, etc. to travel to the EU/European Neighborhood in relation to a concrete project that they are working on with colleagues abroad. The projects funded under this scheme should represent a starting point for a continued collaboration and the resulting projects should have a proven impact on the country's book scene and/or book policy-making. Eligible proposals should include a well-prepared travel itinerary and have a clear plan of activities with at least one committed partner or host in the destination country.

Applications must be in line with all the eligibility criteria, listed below. Please read these carefully. Proposals that do not meet the criteria will not be considered.

Eligible candidates and projects

  • individuals and/or organizations/companies in the book sector;
  • based in Armenia, Georgia or Ukraine;
  • proposals related to a specific project, with a clear outcome;
  • projects demonstrating a strong commitment from the host event or the host organization;
  • priority is given to:
 - individuals who are in the first 10 years of their career;
 - projects for exchange with the countries of the Eastern Neighborhood;
 - proposals that are linked with investments already made in other segments of the project. All project segments are described at bookplatform.npage.org;
 - projects submitted on behalf of the Board of the BP Local Partner organizations (GPBA in Georgia, Publishers Forum in Ukraine and NPA in Armenia);
 - projects with a longstanding and a multiplication effect after the project end date; projects with ensured co-funding (from candidate's own means or other funders such as the Step Beyond Program of ECF).
  • the following types of travel objectives are more likely to be supported:
- attending a networking meeting, festival, fair or conference for the first time to expand professional networks;
- setting up new cross-border partnerships for upcoming projects;
- engaging in the recipient's country book scene, followed by knowledge sharing with peers at local and/or international level;
- in exceptional cases we will also support attendance to capacity development training (such as workshops).

Examples of projects funded under this scheme so far:
Two Georgian publishers and one literary agent from Armenia visit the Lviv Publishers Forum to establish professional contacts with Ukrainian colleagues, to buy and sell rights, to participate in public discussions.

[Note: In the case of group travel the proposal is submitted by the organization from Armenia, Georgia or Ukraine arranging the events participation]

Eligibility of partner / host of the event at destination
  • be registered in an EU country or an Eastern Neighborhood country;
  • be independent organization, a public organization or a company (excluding universities) from the book sector;
  • be committed to acknowledging BP's and EU support (e.g. in communication materials, public events, etc.).

Eligible costs
  • travel (the lowest cost possible option)
  • accommodation
  • per diem (vary in relation to costs of living in the host country)
[Note: projects with ensured co-funding will be regarded with a priority]

Submission of proposals/applications
  • in addition to criteria and priorities listed above, the proposals must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the planned travel;
  • prior to submitting a proposal, you can check your eligibility and discuss your idea with the Book Platform staff in your country and/or with the Book Platform Lead Partner staff (Next Page Foundation)
  • a proposal consists of: Application Form, filled-in in English language (available to download below), a CV and a copy of the invitation from the host or an explanation letter on the status of the invitation;
  • proposals are submitted in electronic format in English language by email to the Project Manager in your country, with a copy to the Lead Partner sent at ygenova@npage.org

  • proposals are received at an on-going basis till 30th March 2014 and/or until the financial resources of the scheme are fully distributed;
  • eligibility of proposals is checked by the Local Partner and by the Lead Partner;
  • non-eligible proposals are not reviewed;
  • eligible proposals are reviewed no later than 30 days after submission;
  • depending on the nature of the proposed project, proposals are reviewed either by the local advisory committees or by ad-hoc advisors appointed by the Lead Partner;
  • both awarded and non-awarded applicants are informed about the decision no later than 40 days after submission by the local project staff;
  • awarded applicants sign a grant contract with the Local Partner organization, and commit themselves to publicizing the EU support;
  • awarded applicants submit a narrative and a financial report upon return and are requested to organize an experience sharing with peers in their country.
[Note: due to the limited resources of the scheme, we advise all potential candidates to submit their proposals as soon as possible]


Book Platform Events Participation Grants Criteria
Book Platform Events Participation Grants Application Form


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