Promotion of Literature in Translation Internships - Ukraine

June 2014
Oleksandra Koval (Ukraine), president of Publishers Forum - Lviv, spent a 10-day internship at the Polish Book Institute and Books from Lithuania to examine in practice perhaps the most successful translations promotion institutions in Eastern Europe, including strategy, internal structure, criteria for decision-taking, organizing international events, etc.

The intern was involved in the day-to-day work of the host organizations, met other organizations in the host countries and get practical assistance on developing similar activities in her home organization. During the internship Oleksandra had 19 professional meetings with local stakeholders – representatives of book sector and authority – with whom further collaboration and cooperation will be developed. Thanks to the internship within the Book Platform project, the intern had a possibility to learn the relevant experience of Lithuania and Poland – countries which also had the Soviet past but which managed to renew their book sector and to achieve positive changes in the process of literature promotion. Also it was learned how to talk about necessity of literature promotion to the authorities, how include it into state policy and how to measure the effectiveness of its implementation.

Oleksandra Koval states: "The internship was really important in order to increase the understanding what and how we should do for developing of Ukrainian book sector as well as for promotion of literature.For me as for the head of the organization it is very important to gain new experience in working at strategic projects and also to make new contacts with organizations and experts dealing with the promotion of translation. I am also involved in a newly established working group of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine where we deal with the development of projects which aim at improving reading habits and the access to the translated foreign literature in our country".

It should be emphasized that the organization run by Oleksandra Koval have been actively dealing with the promotion of literature in translation for twenty years already and strives to further develop its activity in this direction. After the internship close cooperation with the authorities and other stakeholders were started for the purpose to implement the gained experience: starting the process of establishing a powerful institution aiming at the promotion of Ukrainian literature in the world.


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