Public Discussion on Translations from Georgian

10 July 2014, Tbilisi
A public presentation and discussion on the results of the Studies on Translations from Georgian after 1991 took place on July 10, 2014 at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia. The event gathered around 15 participants: writers, translators, media representatives, and others interested in the topic.

The studies were done by eight researchers from different countries, the results were then summarized and further analyzed. The meeting was moderated by the literary agent Gaga Lomidze. He made a short presentation of the study: introduced the results of each study and highlighted the main challenges in fulfilling the study, the main problems in the field discovered as a result of the study, and some recommendations for improving the situation with translations from Georgian.

During the discussion translators outlined some issues about number of translations, and further pointed out that this process is developing and the number of translations is increasing. Questions were raised on why these particular languages had been selected and on the decision making process. It was as well mentioned that the database of translations should be renewed with new translations sources.

Oliver Reisner, representative of the EU Delegation in Georgia, mentioned that this kind of data base is extremely crucial to promote Georgian literature abroad.



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Press Release: Public Presentation and Discussion of the Study on Translations from Georgian after 1991
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