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Advisory Committee on Translations in Armenia

The purpose of the committee is to consult Book Platform project in Armenia on the content of the capacity-building and policy activities related to the topic of translations. The committee is expected to adjust the planned project activities to local needs, advise on choice of experts and researchers as well as to assist in ensuring visibility of its results in the country.

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Inessa Almoyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. In 2000 she graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages. Throughout her diverse professional experience she has acquired excellent social skills, e.g. as social services volunteer in the Ministry of Defence as a translator, as well as in her producing activities. Furthermore, she has travelled and lived in various countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, France, Malta, Italy, Switzerland, Belarus, Turkmenistan etc., thus having the opportunity to experience different cultural environments with all their habits and lifestyles, respecting them and learning from individuals in all kinds of social settings. Currently, Inessa Almoyan is the Adviser to the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Armenia.


Sergey Muradyan, born on 31.01.1945, is a literary critic, translator, and publisher. In 1971 he graduated from the Department of Russian Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philology, YSU. He has worked at the National Television. Since 1975 Sergey Muradyan has held various positions at the editorial office of "Literaturnaya Armenia" magazine of the Writers' Union of Armenia, and since 1981 until now he has been the deputy editor of the magazine. His professional interests include the issues of the Armenian contemporary literature and art in translation. He is the President of the NGO "Translators of the CIS and Baltic States" and a member of the Union of Journalists and Writers.


Shant Mkrtchyan, born on 10.01.1953, is a poet, translator and publisher. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology, YSU. Over the years he has worked as an executive secretary at the editorial offices of "Nor dar", "Artasahmayan grakanutyun", has published a series of journalistic articles and other publications. He hosted at the nation television. Currently he is the acting editor of "Narcis" magazine. Shant Mkrtchyan is an author of numerous poetry collections and translated publications of poems of various times and nations. Shant Mkrtchyan is the head of the Translation Department of the Writers' Union of Armenia and has been a member of the Writers' Union of Armenia since 1997.


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